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Henceforth, he shall be known as RIPPER

So some of you who have been around for awhile will have no doubt perhaps been fortunate enough to have the odd encounter with my fraidy cat Sebastian. Sebastian is a 9lb (soaking wet) uberfluffy grey and white fraidy cat, who cowers under the bed whenever company comes to call, and who emerges hours later in desparation for his food dish. Chrislev once told us that he didn't believe we actually had a cat, he thought we just kept a litter box and food dish in the kitchen for fun as, until recently, he had never seen the cat. Sebby perpetually suffers from what uberaxl calls 'stranger danger', and is generally the biggest woose in the world. This entertains no2 and I endlessly as when it is just the three of us, Sebastian becomes an attention usurping, very balsy, vocal pest.
We were watching TV last night, while Sebastian patrolled the perimeter of the apartment and back deck. All of a sudden, I heard a growl and then a yowl and hastened to the kitchen to see what he was grumbling about. The backdoor to the deck was open and a large, approx. 15lb, raccoon had attempted to enter the kitchen in order to help itself to Sebby's food dish which sat beside the door. Sebastian was standing in front of the raccoon, hissing and yowling, his fur on end, looking like kitten compared to this hulking brutish creature of the night. As I entered the kitchen Sebastian pounced onto the raccoon's head, front legs outstretched, yowling and shrieking blue murder. The raccoon turned and high tailed it across the deck, climbing clumsily up the railing, Sebastian hot on his heels.
No2 grabbed the flailing, shrieking Sebastian and pulled him into the kitchen, assuming the worst, not to mention a mountain of vet bills. I looked down at the deck and noticed huge clumps of brown fur scattered across the deck. Sebastian, cradled like a hissing shrieking baby in no2's arms, had clumps of fur caught in his front paws and mouth. Miraculously he was uninjured. No2 set him down, and he sauntered across the deck to the spot where the raccon had vanished, his fur puffed out, and growling under his breath. We have since nicknamed him Ripper. The raccoon was last seen lumbering across the back fence, probably never to return

Moral of the Story: Never mess with a cat's food dish

Final Tally:
Sebastian: 1
Racoon: 0
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