Miss Rishi (sariska) wrote,
Miss Rishi

procrastination ramblings...

It's amazing what a little strike can do...;)

Like spring, the end of year madness is upon me. Deep in the thick of it, up to my shoulders in end of term assignments, stress, anxiety, loopy behaviour, and pathetic pleas for sleep. Why have I inflicted this hell on myself for the past four years? Oh yeah.... this time next year I'll be done. Finito. Ending one cycle and beginning another. It's weird, despite being up to my eyeballs in essays, risk assessment tools for CAMH, mini make work assginments, and the usual stress induced politics, I'm starting to feel it, the realization of a sooner then I think graduation. Instead of a call to prayer, a call to freedom. It's kinda overwhelming. Of course the hardest year is yet to come, the make it or break it let's see what you've got final year, where burn out is inevitable, and craziness will abound. 'Course I likes me a little craziness.
Stuff to keep me sane: curry nights, invader zim, MSF, viva las vegas, knocking over a casino, the Ryerson pool (I'm being serious!), the impending summer, not so far away travel plans.

Commencing end of year hibernation in two days time.....

P.S. Pryaetania - Greek food soon? I want to pick your brain about Arabic!
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